Traditional margarita recipe using your own limes

February 14, 2024

Traditional margarita recipe using your own limes

Did you know that margarita actually means daisy in Spanish? As gardeners we love flowers and you will feel like a flower after a couple of these traditional margaritas. Just remember to make sure you get all of your gardening jobs done before hand.

You can't beat a traditional margarita made with good-quality tequila, orange liqueur, and freshly-squeezed limes. Perfectly suited to our Brisbane climate, that's the Tahitian lime tree! We have some gardening notes on growing citrus in Brisbane, find more info here.

Tequila: Silver or reposado is traditionally considered to be the best tequila for margaritas, but any type of tequila (or smoky mezcal or sotol) will work.

Freshly-squeezed lime juice: For the best fresh flavour, juice your own limes from your own Tahitian lime tree.

Orange liqueur: Cointreau is great, but Grand Marnier is also delicious or you can use a good-quality Triple Sec.

If you would like to sweeten your margarita, add agave syrup or simple syrup to taste.

Kosher salt: If you would like to salt the rims of your glasses, run a lime wedge around the rims and then dip them in coarse Kosher salt.

Additional lime slices/wedges:Save a few extra lime slices or wedges if you would like to add them to the glass as garnish.

2 parts premium silver tequila
1 part orange liqueur or triple sec
1 part freshly squeezed Tahitian lime juice (around 4-6 limes)
Simple syrup (adjust to taste) Ice cubes