Gardening tips for January

Gardening tips for summer in Brisbane

Here are some tips on what to do to stay on top of the gardening jobs this summer in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

1. Citrus: Fertilise your citrus and add a grease band around the base of your citrus trees to protect them from pests, particularly ants.

2. Herbs: Harvest herbs regularly to encourage bushy growth. Pinch off the tips of basil to prevent flowering and prolong leaf production.

3. Weed Control: Stay on top of weeds with hoeing and your choice of mulch.

4. Mould: Keep an eye on any mould or disease on your plants after all of this rain and heat. Feel free to show our staff a picture to help diagnose the problem and find the right solution.

5. Agapanthus: Trim back agapanthus that have finished flowering. Cut the flower stalks down to the base using clean, sharp pruning shears.

6. Tomatoes: Stake or cage tomato plants for support as they grow and produce fruit. Pinch out the lateral growth. Water consistently to prevent blossom-end rot, a common issue in hot weather.

7. Lawn Care: Mow the lawn at a slightly higher setting to provide shade for the soil and reduce evaporation.

8. Heat Protection: On particularly hot days. Drought Shield spray can be used to give plants a protective coating that will prevent water loss and stop leaves getting burnt.

9. Blossom End Rot: If you have noticed blossom end rot in any of your vegetables, incorporate lime or gypsum into the soil to adjust the calcium levels.