Saguaro, Palm Springs in Toowoomba

March 12, 2024


Without a doubt, Ben Walker of @statikillusions has created one of the best cactus gardens we have seen. It's like you've been transported to Arizona. Built by Paragon Homes, 'Saguaro'  sits on top of the range at Toowoomba in Queensland. This incredible home and garden belongs to Ben and his partner Adriana.

Their Palm Springs style garden has been a labour of love, planting almost all of the garden themselves. The front area of the home is a textural dream, filled with cactus of all shapes, sizes and varieties interspersed with rocks, stone and trailing plants.

In case you were wondering, 'Saguaro' is a tall, iconic cactus native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, it can grow to be over 12 meters tall.

This style of gardening is very adaptive to coastal conditions and Brisbane. With white pots from our Sante range you can create your own piece of Palm Springs on a small balcony. We hope you enjoy this garden.


Planting style is continuous all around the house, including the infinity pool.


There is a diversity of plants here, Dracaena draco 'Dragon Tree' lower growing Agave and ground covers. Softer shapes against the prickly taller forms.


There is quite a lot of soil preparation involved in this style of garden, these plants require excellent drainage and long direct sunlight.

There a lots of different shapes and colours of rock, pavers, grit and gravel in this garden. Planting in odd numbers collectively is always a good design tip. Agave 'Blue Glow' (above) planted here.


Ben didn't completely succumb to the desert. The contrast between green grass and the stoney terrain works perfectly.


Lawn and bright white walls great contrast.


The wonderful shapes throw equally impressive shadows upon the theatrical backdrop of the white wall.


Beautiful use of textures on the ground including Dichondra 'Silver falls', Zoysia and Casuarina 'Cousin It' happy living on the ground here.


Casuarina 'Cousin It' an Australian native that loves covering ground and walls, used repeatedly in this garden design.


Euphorbia acruensis, also commonly known as 'Cowboy' planted repeatedly.


More contrast here with Ficus primula 'Climbing fig' loving this spot.


Strategically placed rocks and grouped cactus create interest in this corner.


Beautiful intricate patterns and shapes in the detail of this cactus.


The rusty fire pit looks fantastic in this white washed setting.


The perfect spot for Euphorbia acruensis 'Cowboy'.


The Draceana draco 'Dragon tree' is a feature here and can be seen through the window inside. We absolutely love the planting along this wall. Kalanchoe 'Silver spoons' Crassula undulatifolia 'Frilly Jade' and Casuarina 'Cousin It' really compliment each other.


One of our best selling plants, Dichondra 'Silver falls' softens the white rocks and paired nicely with Cleistocactus strausii 'Silver torch'.


Kalanchoe 'Silver spoons' is great in tough spots, it is very adaptable to many situations.


Agave parryi var. truncata and the greener ground cover Dichondra repens is an Australian native.


Thank you Ben Walker of @statikillusions for the opportunity to share your beautiful Palm Springs inspired garden.