Super Simple Succulents

December 14, 2018

Super Simple Succulents

Succulents come in an array of shapes and textures making endless options for a mixed planter.  We love creating these planters at the nursery, and they are so easy to plant and easy to care for.

When choosing your succulents, look for different colours, shapes and textures.  There are various grey blue colour tones in many of the succulents, these can be highlighted in dark grey or matt black pots.  Lush green foliage can look very stylish in crisp white or go back to basics with terracotta.  Some of our favourites to use are the Haworthia species, these guys can take low light are slow to grow and stay low…perfect for a bowl on a table!  Many of the Echeveria species suit bowls as well, these require a little more light/sun so are happiest outside.

These gorgeous little projects can make great presents; house warming, thank you gifts.  They are easy to create with kids, and can even be the start of a fairy garden.  Finish off the top of your bowl with little pebbles, this gives a more complete look and is also beneficial to the plants. 

Cluster a few pots of various sizes on the ground. Choose plants of varying heights to go into the pots.  Again there is no reason not to cluster plants in pots too!