House Plants Your Friends Don’t Have

December 14, 2018

House Plants Your Friends Don’t Have

Are you well and truely on the latest indoor plant bandwagon, but want to stand out from everyone else that is also on that bandwagon? Impress your  friends and followers alike with these terrific plants, that don’t even have their own hashtag yet!


Your friends won’t have this one but your grandma probably does. It thrives on neglect and comes in a array of colours to suit any interior. They were actually quite the collectors item back in their day, with rare varieties highly sort after.

Some varieties don’t produce a flower, but have interesting patterns across their foliage. Most Bromeliads do flower though, and their warm colours range from yellow to hot pink! One of their most interesting features is their water storage, they collect water from in-between their leaves and it pools there. This means you can literally see when they need to be watered!


Brazilian Walking Iris

We’re not actually sure why this isn’t already a popular indoor plant. It’s long strappy leaves fill up an area with ease. They tolerate a range of soil and low lighting conditions making them very resilient for indoor use. While their foliage is beautiful enough, they even produce small flowers that come in white, yellow or blue. The flowers only last for a single day so gather your friends to show off your limited edition beauties.

Native Peperomia

With it’s wild array of flower spikes flailing about, the Australian native peperomia is quite the spectacle. They like the Australian climate, meaning you don’t have to remember to water them too often. They are also quite versatile in their display. They can be potted to resemble small shrubs, fall over hanging baskets or – the most exciting – planted over rocks where their roots will climb down into the crevices and to the soil for moisture.