Growing Roses in Brisbane

Growing Roses in Brisbane

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Roses will grow very well in Queensland.

At Brookfield Gardens we select roses that will do well in our climate. During the cooler months we have a selection of bagged roses for sale. Planting bagged roses is different to planting potted roses. If you would like to be on our mailing list for bagged roses please join our Garden Club.

Due to such a long growing season in our warmer Brisbane climate, Roses can get tired, it's like running a long marathon! To keep your roses healthy, mulch and feed with a complete fertiliser. This will help keep pests and diseases at bay.

Give your roses regularly deep soaks during dry periods and prune bushes into an open vase shape which will allow good airflow and help with preventing Black Spot.

Roses prefer a well-drained soil with a pH of around 6.5 or a point either side.

Soils that are too acid or alkaline can be adjusted. Adding organic matter rich in manure and compost is always beneficial as Roses are heavy feeders.

Mulching is beneficial because it keeps the soil at a more constant temperature, reducing stress to the plant. It also helps to retain moisture by reducing evaporation by heat and wind. Mulching can also suppress weeds.

Without a doubt, the best mulch to use if you are looking for incredible results is Neutrog Whoflungdung. This is a super mulch. Whoflungdung is a composted mulch that is biologically activated adding valuable nutrients to your soil and enhancing the health and growth of plants. It's great for high feeders such as roses. Renee Holbrook, our Senior Horticulturist highly recommends this product. Her roses have done brilliantly using it.

Feed your Roses in Spring, Summer and Autumn with a good complete Fertiliser, we recommend Sudden Impact for Roses.

Prune to create a vase shape to allow good air circulation through the plant to help prevent fungal problems. Use clean, sharp secateurs and disinfect them to prevent spreading disease. Prune in a way that prevents bruising of the remaining stems.

Pest and Disease
Roses can be prone to a number of pests and diseases. The main problems are certain insects like aphids and scale and fungal problems like Black spot. There are many products available on the market to combat these problems. Some preparations contain both an insecticide and fungicide in a convenient combination, for example Yates Rose Gun or Rose Shield.

Maintenance and prevention is better than cure, as often once the damage is done it cannot be reserved. You will need a good sprayer, that is capable of spraying the undersides of the leaves – a long nozzle will help with this.