The Poetry of Spaces PL Books Brookfield Gardens
The Poetry of Spaces PL Books Brookfield Gardens

The Poetry of Spaces

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Beginning with the five foundational themes of: light, life, instrument, material and sense, Sarah explores the inspiration behind these lessons before sharing some impeccable examples of their use in homes across the world. The following 'Places' and 'Rooms' chapters offer a chance for a deeper dive in the styling choices at some truly remarkable homes.

Sarah's creative eye and relatable writing style will inspire readers to look afresh at their homes and reach for new style heights.

About the Author

Sarah Andrews is the author of Principles of Style and the founder of a highly successful series of masterclasses on design. She studied spatial sciences and worked in that field before going back to university to study something she was passionate about - design.

Since renovating Captains Rest - an unpretentious property on the west coast of Tasmania - she has styled and decorated a number of other houses and businesses for clients, and built up a strong presence as an educator with her face-to-face and online masterclass series.