Seamungus 230g

Seamungus is a soil and plant conditioner, manufactured by composting seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure.

Recommended by many rose growers and rose societies around Australia, Neutrog Seamungus is a fabulous product to use when planting bagged roses or feeding in winter. This assists the rose’s growth and ensures emergence from its winter dormancy is sustained by its root mass.

We recommend the use of pelletised Seamungus, as these pellets will breakdown with winter and spring rains over the next few months, enhancing root growth. It is also recommended that Seamungus is applied prior to mulching.

Whilst Seamungus contains a wide range and good levels of plant nutrients, it is perhaps the additional unique properties contained within seaweed that provide the catalyst for providing higher yields of sustained quality.

Seaweed contains a number of naturally occurring growth stimulants – fantastic for promoting plant and root, as well as growth and development. Seaweed is also recognised for its ability to retain moisture and increase the moisture level of the plant’s cell sap – this increases the plant’s ability to resist frost and heat stress. Seamungus will help increase resistance to pests and disease, stimulate healthy growth (both above and below ground) and most importantly, generally aids in improving the well being of your soils and crops.

Seamungus has a number of applications – it can be used as a stand alone application for new or established crops, or alternatively as a supplement to an existing program. It is ideally suited for fruit and vegetable crops along with grape vines.

Seamungus will retain up to 70% of its own weight in moisture – significantly increasing the soil’s ability to hold onto water and nutrients.

Seamungus is an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) product. Whether growing organically or not, the rigorous ACO certification process Seamungus is subject to, gives confidence  that each tonne of Seamungus maintains a consistently high standard. Neutrog is granted organic certification from the ACO for Seamungus after its methods and processes for manufacturing are audited to ensure that they comply with the standards and guidelines set down by the certifying body.  Certification ensures compliance with national production standards, including low heavy metals and other residues, and allows for trace back of all raw materials to their origins.