Magnolia 'Port Wine' Brookfield Gardens
Magnolia 'Port Wine' Brookfield Gardens

Magnolia 'Port Wine'

Plant Height
2 m
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Thriving in Brisbane's diverse soil types, the Port Wine Magnolia, or Michelia figo, proves an ideal botanical companion for both formal and cottage-style gardens.

Glossy dark green foliage producing small mauve, highly fragrant flowers in late spring.

Its compact growth structure and polished look, perfect for delineating pathways or framing well-defined spaces. For cottage gardens, the Port Wine Magnolia's fragrant blooms and lush foliage make a great backdrop.

Great for hedges. Can be clipped to shape or left to grow to 2m.

Once established these shrubs are drought tolerant, however plants are denser and flower longer with additional watering during hot or dry periods. Prune back after flowering to encourage new growth and more flowers