Kudo B 200mm Carbon Secateur

Handmade carbon steel secateurs by Kuro Shears, an experienced blacksmith workshop in Yamagata, Japan.

Kudo Shears is run by Kudo family and has continued for 80 years, succeeding the 660 years' regional black smithing techniques of Yamagata Prefecture. Kudo-san Snr has been producing long-lasting tough secateurs for 55 years and has received multiple awards for his creations. His seccies are loved by garden professionals, orchard workers and flower growers. His son is currently working with him to prepare for succeeding this workshop in the future.

This double spring secateurs are Kudo's new product range which was born from receiving demands from his customers who use secateurs all day long. Double springs help opening the blades every time you grip.

Type B secateurs are the standard type in Japan. A clam shaped thick blades cut blanches easily.

These secateurs can comfortably cut branches up to 18mm.

Note: If your secateurs are left wet, or exposed to water then rust may develop. We advise that you wipe down your secateurs and spray with a lubricant such as WD40 or INOX at the end of each day’s use and store in a pouch.