Buddleia 'Butterfly Bush' Brookfield Gardens

Buddleia 'Butterfly Bush'

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Buddleia or more fondly known as the Butterfly Bush. Their beautiful flowers are filled with nectar and have a really sweet, honey-like scent and that attracts butterflies and honey-eating birds. Great for cottage style gardens along side salvias and daisies. Best to constantly dead head the flowers to encourage new flowers

Buddleia thrives in Brisbane gardens, plant in well-drained soil, provide ample sunlight, and trim for bushiness. Resilient in subtropical climates, it's a low-maintenance choice for a burst of color, attracting pollinators while flourishing in Brisbane's warm conditions.

Makes an excellent addition to a cottage style garden bed. Buddleia, or Butterfly Bush, typically grows to a height of 1.5 to 3 meters in Brisbane