Our Products

We have developed our line of premium Orchid Food, Garden Food and Potting Mix. These products are specifically suited to our region and growing conditions.

Orchid Food

Our own superior mixed, organic based fertiliser for orchids. A nutrient-dense food for optimum growth & flowering. Formulated specifically for all orchid species, it contains key trace elements such as zinc and magnesium with a high potassium to nitrogen ratio which stimulates growth and blooms.

Brookfield Gardens Orchid Food is suitable for orchids such as Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Vanda and Cattelyas. This pelleted fertiliser also includes key trace elements. Always use a suitable orchid potting mix.

APPLICATION RATES 1 scoop = approx. 25g

ORCHIDS: Apply 25g per potted orchid every 4-6 weeks (based on pot size up to 200mm in diameter), water in well.

Please note, not suitable for young orchids.


Garden Food

This pelleted fertiliser can be used on your flowers, vegetables, fruit trees and general trees and shrubs.  This fertiliser can be used on native plants, follow the recommended rates.

Available in a 16kg bag or 3kg bucket.

Premium Potting Mix


A superior growing formula has been specifically blended for the growing conditions of South East Queensland.  It is of the highest quality, meeting and exceeding the Australian Standard 3743 for a premium potting mix.  It is boosted with the following

  • Controlled Slow Release Fertiliser - providing nutrients for 9 months
  • Wetter Aid - granular wetting agent
  • Zeolite - optimal nutrient storage and availability
  • Coir Fibre - for enhanced root growth
  • Composted Fish and Seaweed Stimulant
  • Organic Compost - superior nutrient retention properties with excellent drainage
  • Trace Elements and Minerals - each essential for different plant varieties

Ideal for

  • A quick start and long term sustained feed for all plants
  • Re-potting all types of plants
  • Freshly rooted cuttings
  • Indoor and outdoor plants in any conditions