Top Native Trees for Brisbane

August 09, 2021

Top Native Trees for Brisbane

Ann-Marie talks about her current top five favourite native trees for Brisbane and surrounds.


1. Pavetta australiensis ‘Butterfly Bush’


2. Cupaniopsis anacardioides ‘Tuckeroo’


3. Phaleria clerodendron 'Scented Daphne'


4. Syzygium luehmannii ‘Small leaved Lilly Pilly'


5. Randia fitzalanii 'Native Gardenia'


About Ann-Marie our Garden Consultant

Senior Horticulturist Ann Marie, not only is she a pleasure to have around, she is also full of garden knowledge for our region, with an eye for design. The perfect match for our Gardening Consultation service. The service could include information and advice about garden design, plant selection and location, pests and diseases, plant care, maintenance and much more. It’s really curated especially around your needs.