Paula's Mt Crosby Garden in Brisbane

August 22, 2023

Paula's Mt Crosby Garden

At Brookfield Gardens we are very privileged to have so many talented gardeners on our team. Coming back to Paula's garden over the seasons and watching it evolve under her creative vision is such a pleasure. There is always something new to enjoy and we marvel at her energy for having a good overhaul. Paula's garden is a constant place of change.

Paula's garden is not purely native, but they are favoured. On the drier north east side of the garden Australian plants are chosen for their ability to thrive in tough soil and blazing sun. Here you will find many grasses and hardy shrubs trimmed into balls. The grass here is lomandra 'Lucky Stripe'.


Grevilleas come in all shapes and sizes and they are a great match planted amongst rocks and grasses. The grass in the foreground here is a dwarf variegated form of lomandra. The grevillea is called 'Amber Blaze'.

Paula loves making shapes with her electric hedger. Casuarina 'Green Wave' make great soft, shaggy, foliage balls.


Grass trees make an incredible statement with their silvery, spiky foliage. This one is Xanthorrhoea glauca.


Westringia is a very hardy, silvery shrub that loves a trim. An excellent choice for dry conditions.


Ozothamnus, (commonly known as 'Rice Flower'), makes a wonderful cut flower and comes in pink hues and white.


Paula has many interesting grevilleas throughout, including this lovely variety 'wickhamii' which has a holly-shaped silvery foliage and red flowers.


This is grevillea 'Amber Blaze'.


Carex 'Feather Falls' does so well in lots of different spots like borders. Look how fantastic it looks in a pot!


This sweet little grevillea is called 'Winter Delight'.


Here is a great example of grasses and trimmed salt bush contrasting, but working so well together in a dry, sunny garden environment.


Paula's garden is filled with interest. She hand-makes all sorts of wonderful things.


This grevillea is called 'Kay Williams'.


There are a lot more established native trees around the back of Paula's house. Again she sticks to plantings that will survive in a Queensland summer. Here grasses make up the bulk of texture and form.


How gorgeous are these lovely birds Paula made herself to sit upon a rustic wooden gate.


This grass is miscanthus. It looks fantastic for many, many months with fine, feathery seed heads.


No garden is complete without three chooks.


This large agave makes a fantastic statement and needs very little care.


This pot is called 'Skorpio' and is available at Brookfield Gardens. Many of the plants featured in this blog are also available depending on the season, or something very similar can be sourced.