New 'Organic Health' by RockyPoint

July 19, 2023

New 'Organic Health' by RockyPoint

RockyPoint have released a new microbial rich product called Organic Health Garden Soil. Over the past 7 years, this mix has been repeatedly purchased by commercial growers for the organic produce market. We are thrilled to announce it's now available in a 30L bag for home gardens.

Brookfield Gardens were part of this trial in 2021. We were very impressed with the results. Organic Health was added in bulk to one of our Kitchen Garden beds onsite here at Brookfield Gardens. The plants growing in this medium, grew to maturity quicker and were richer in colour and more vibrant. All our staff noted the health of the produce growing.  It's all in the taste test, we are giving it the thumbs up for growing and eating.

Healthy soil, healthy humans…this product was specifically designed with the goal to maximise the nutrient levels of the produce grown. It's always the best place to start when gardening, making sure you have great soil. Organically growing your own food is not only good for your health but can also save you money on your grocery bill.


Impressively, RockyPoiont boast that this product is easy to use and long-lasting. Organic Health is packed with nutrients, there is no need for additional fertilisers to be used until the next growing season. They’ve also shown that this medium will encourage soil micro-organisms & improves your soil structure, therefore your water holding ability.

RockyPoint also point out this can be used through-out your garden for all plant types, this soil is truly exceptional. We’d have to point our that this medium is being marketed as a soil, so it’s good to add to your existing veggie beds, or new ones. Or straight into the non-edible garden, to new beds or to existing plants to enrich the soil. This medium is not a potting mix.

What’s in Organic Health?

Organic Health is a mix of ingredients and organic compounds such as zeolite, high mineral gypsum, microbes, seaweed, compost and more. Combined they deliver nutrition immediately, create stronger healthier more disease and pest resistant plants. This product comes with a 100% Certified Organic* Soil.

Building a new garden bed:

  1. Prepare the area by clearing weeds and placing down a ground cover of either cardboard or weed-mat to prevent any weeds from existing soil from popping through.
  2. Once garden beds have been constructed, fill with Organic* Health Soil.
  3. Plant plants or seedlings directly into soil, water in immediately after planting.
  4. Once planted or once seed have shot, use Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch to cover the soil.

For planting into the ground:

  1. Dig a hole that is twice the size of the pot.
  2. Place at least 100mm of Organic* Health Soil at the bottom of a hole.
  3. Place the plant in the hole and back fill to ground level with Organic* Health Soil.
  4. Drench the improved soil with water, and mulch with Rocky Point Sugar Mulch as required.

Planting tip: To ensure successful root development and seed germination, it’s essential to maintain a consistently moist environment for your plants. This can be achieved by watering them regularly and with a consistent schedule.