Feeding and mulching your vegetable garden

July 13, 2023

Feeding and mulching your vegetable garden

Brisbane and south east Queensland's climate is perfect for growing an incredible array of edibles all year round.

Vegetables are like children; they get hungry and need regular feeding to grow strong and healthy. So starting at ground level, we need to have healthy, rich soil. Once we have that we need to protect it and mulch, mulch, mulch!

Get Down and Dirty

Adding organic matter to a garden bed brings it to life quickly. Cow manure is a fantastic soil conditioner that can be safely used without burning plants. Compost is essential, and if you don’t have your own, you can purchase a blend called ‘Active Grow.’ Vegetables require additional fertilizer, with blood and bone being a great choice.

The Wonders of Liquid Fertilisers

Seasol reduces transplant stress, acting as a plant tonic to enhance disease resistance, root growth, and cell structure. It conditions the soil and increases the availability of trace elements. After seedling establishment, Powerfeed, a fish-based fertiliser, can be used. It can be sprayed on foliage or used for watering. Alternating Powerfeed

with Seasol every fortnight provides a mix of nutrients, soil conditioners, and growth stimulants, resulting in a flourishing vegetable patch.

Benefits of mulching your vege patch:

  • suppressing weeds

  • adding nutrients and feeding worms

  • stabilising soil temperature

  • retaining moisture

  • help minimise soil compaction

Common mulch options include sugar cane mulch and lucerne, which resemble hay. Lucerne, being a legume-based crop, nourishes the soil as it decomposes. Sugar cane mulch lasts longer and enriches the soil with organic matter. Any nutrient-rich green fodder crop can serve as excellent mulch. Avoid using wood-based mulches and lawn clippings in the vegetable patch.

Learn more about Mulch here.

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