Zanzibar Gem

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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

The Zanaibar Gem is one of our all time favorite house and desk plants.  It has glossy green leaves, handles dark positions, air conditioning oh and you forgot to water it? No worries, it is very forgiving.  The perfect plant for a plant beginner. 

Plant in a good quality potting mix that is the free draining.  When the plant is dry give it a water and never leave water in a saucer underneath it.

Zanzibar Gems can also be planted in the garden in a dry shady area.  If using indoors, it is suited to low light areas or spare rooms that can sometimes be forgotten.

In a large pot it can grow up to 60-80cm tall and 30-60cm wide, depending on your pot size.

In our 140mm pot size, the plants will stand approx 20-30cm tall.  However this can vary depending on the batch.

Terrazzo Cylinder Pot sold separately.