Spathiphyllum, also known as Peace Lily or Madonna Lily. Is an all time classic indoor plant.  It's lush dark green foliage and white flowers are produced throughout the year.

The Peace Lily is also know for its air purifying qualities.

When used as an indoor plant that requires very good light to flower indoors.  Keep near a window in a warm but not hot position.  It won't like direct sun on its foliage for extended periods.  Water when the top of the soil has dried out.  If the leaves are dropping, it needs water.

Peace Lilies can also be grown outside on verandas, balconies or even in the garden.  The position needs to be warm and sheltered. 

Plants in pots will generally grow to 60 to 70cm tall.  Remember to fertiliser during the growing season to keep that lush green foliage.  In spring plants can be potted up a size or they can be divided.

This plant stands between 30-50cm out of the pot.