Epipremnum Marble Queen 130mm

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Epipremnum Marble Queen or Pothos are one of the best indoor or desk plants you could have.  The white and green leaf adds interest to an area.  As they grow, they will develop long vines that will cascade down, making it perfect for a top shelf plant.  It can also be trained on a trellis or pole.

You can place Pothos just about anywhere, they will tolerate low light positions, like on the top of a shelf or an office with no windows.  Water when the top 2-3cm of soil are dry, and less regularly through the winter.

Pothos are known for their air purifying qualities.

Pothos in a 130mm pot stand about 10cm high out of the pot and are starting to trail.  This can vary between batches.

Reggie Pot sold separately.