Dusty David - Medium Orchid

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A strong and broad piece, 'Dusty David' will produce another beautiful cluster on the free hollowed arm. 

The Australia Native Wild Black Orchids grow from hollows in trunks and limbs of trees, and root systems deep in the decay of the wood. They are harvested with the trunk or limb of the tree attached, making these an absolutely incredible feature.

Producing dark maroon flowers from August to November, these are the only Australian Orchid with fragrant flowers.

They grow from the coast at sea level in northern Australia up over the ranges at altitudes to 900metres and into inland western plains in quite arid zones. These amazing orchid can withstand many climate types - from your dry patio to your well-watered garden.

Weight 26kg   |   Height 100cm   |   Length 120cm   |   Width 65cm

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