Plant Hire

We are now offering plant hire at Brookfield Gardens. Our range is seasonal and ever changing, and therefore the availability, size and appearance may vary during the year. 

We have a large offering of pots and plants that can be chosen for your particular event. 

We are happy to work with your stylists, or yourselves to create that green wonderland.  We are able to offer a customised plant hire service or if you require some guidance for your selection, we have created some packages.


We offer a diverse range of pots, therefore we will have a style that will compliment your event.  Offering large trees through to smaller plants perfect for tables.


2+ metres in height. 

Plant selection includes Olive, Magnolia, Waterhousia, Randia, large Palms. 

Complimented  with  a suitable container, including black or white light weight pots or large Atlantis finished pots.

$90 each


Between 1.2m and 1.8m tall.  Plant selections include Strelizia, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Palms, Conifers. 

Containers include black and white pots in an assortment of shapes, Atlantis pots, woven baskets.

$70 each


Up to 1m tall, includes indoor foliage such as Philodendrons, Palms, Monsteras, Viburnum, Star Jasmine Cones (these may not be flowering).

Containers include black and white pots in an assortment of shapes, Atlantis pots, woven baskets.

$50 each


Up to 50cm tall, these can include Gardenias, Lavenders, assorted indoor foliage plants including Birds Nest, Cordylines, Lillies. 

These are intended to help create clusters.

$30 each


Just a small living gift, a gesture to say thank you that will remind your guests of your fabulous day. We have a collection of ideas for you, or if you have your own idea we would be happy to make it happen.

Choose from:

Terracotta pots and succulents

Mini living moss jars

Mini herb or lettuce pots

Flowering seasonal plants in terracotta pots such as Voila or Lobelia.



PACKAGE 1 $1400

12 Mixed Hanging Baskets including 3 Large, 6 Medium and 3 Small

3 Large Plants, 5 Medium Plant and 5 Small Plants, designed to used as clustered around ground level of marquee.


PACKAGE 2 $1900

15 Mixed Hanging Baskets including 5 Large, 5 Medium and 5 Small

2 Extra Large Plants as Features.  5 Large plants, 5 Medium Plants and 5 Small Plants, designed to be used as clusters around ground level of the marquee.


PACKAGE 3 $1000 - Hanging Baskets Only

15 Mixed Baskets including 5 Large, 5 Medium and 5 Small


PACKAGE 4 $750 - Plants in Pots Only (Ground Level)

5 Large Plants, 5 Medium Plants and 5 Small Plants



Our hire and installation service is a minimum hire order of $500, an additional installation charge fee is applied when the order is confirmed. The minimum installation charge is $300. 

We only offer an installation service and not a DIY hire service.

This is due to the fragile plants and also the weight of our pots.  This policy is in place to ensure our plants look their best for your event.

We can offer an off-site plant hire and installation service, this would be priced on application.  Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of our hanging baskets we cannot take these off site.

Plants are subject to availability, prices are subject to change, damaged plants must be paid for.