Caring for your potted Christmas tree

November 23, 2020

Caring for your potted Christmas tree

Our easy guide to keeping your potted Christmas tree looking healthy all year-round.

Keep your potted Christmas tree moist but not overly wet. Using a saucer under the tree will catch any excess water and provide a small amount of water for the tree to use in-between watering.

Try to limit the time the tree is kept inside, just a few weeks would be fine. When it is time to take it outside, slowly introduce it to the sun. A few days in the morning sun and then slowly out into the full sun. This will help stop the trees from getting sun burnt.

Use Seasol as a gentle liquid feed to help the tree get over the stress of being inside. Re-pot if needed into a slightly larger pot. Potted trees will need to be kept moist throughout the year. Fertlise four times a year and you will have a beautiful tree for next year.