Caring for your potted Christmas tree

October 31, 2023

Caring for your potted Christmas tree

Keep your potted Christmas tree looking healthy during the festive season. This is the same care notes for small potted trees to large potted trees.

Make sure your potted Christmas tree is moist but not overly wet. Using a saucer under the tree will catch any excess water and provide a small amount of water for the tree to use in-between watering.

Try to limit the time the tree is kept inside, just a few weeks would be fine. If you can locate your tree in bright indirect light inside even better. When it is time to take it outside, slowly introduce it to the sun. A few days in the morning sun and then slowly out into the full sun. This will help stop the trees from getting sun burnt.

Use Seasol as a gentle liquid feed to help the tree get over the stress of being inside. Re-pot if needed into a slightly larger pot. Potted trees will need to be kept moist throughout the year. Fertlise four times a year and you will have a beautiful tree for next year.

We have a select number of potted locally grown Norfolk pines available this year. These have been grown on site to size so are adapted to our climate here in Brisbane.

If you purchase a Norfolk pine tree for your Christmas tree, why not plant it out in the garden afterwards. Make sure you have plenty of space! They are a large tree and would suit acreage.